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It is a gamble to not purchase flood insurance.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

To keep losses at bay, it is imperative that you are financially prepared for recovery when a natural disaster occurs.

For homes, the building itself will be covered at $250,000 and contents at $100,000. For commercial buildings, the National Flood Insurance Program offers up to a $500,000 coverage for both the building and its contents each. In order for it to be covered under the NFIP, a flood must consume up to 2 acres of land, or affect 2 properties.

Floods can come from an over-flowing river, dams, melted snow, over flowing gutters, and natural disasters. This is why you need to ensure that your families and businesses are insured for flood damage.

To get a quote, call or text me at 713-791-3885. You can also email me at

FEMA records state that 20% of floods happen outside of a high-risk zone.

Would you be able to financially cover a flood loss? I highly suggest you speak with me about getting your properties insured.

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