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Policy exclusions for Texas Homeowners' Insurance

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Some common exclusions in homeowners' policies can be covered, while others are not.

You can purchase full or limited coverage on these exclusions:



-Continuous leakage or seepage of water

-Vacant property

-Mold remediation

Exclusions that will not be covered are:

-Wear and tear, or maintenance

-Wind or hail damage to trees and shrubs

-Termites, rats, insects, mice, or any infestation

-Mold, except necessary costs to repair or replace property damage caused by a covered water loss.


Homeowner's policies are meant to help pay for damages that are too expensive for you to pay out of pocket. This is why affordable problems such as wear and tear, infestations, and mold are listed as permanent exclusions on policies.

Check out for more information on insurance policies in Texas.

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