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Are you sure you're protected?

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Have you ever been in a situation where you never saved something for that rainy day, only to end up regretting it? While not a lot of us experience it to the extent where it is life changing, it is times like those that make us wiser. When it comes to natural disasters though, bouncing back can sometimes end up being impossible.

Lets say that a lightning bolt strikes the roof of your home, causing damage to your dwelling, while a thunderstorm causes it to flood. You are now left with nothing but a few broken picture frames, a flooded car, and few articles of clothing. You call your insurance company only to find out that your coverage didn't match the value of the assets you once had, or that you didn't have coverage at all.

This is why having both a homeowners and flood insurance policy is important for you. It gives you a financial cushion should a natural disaster destroy your home. Homeowner's insurance is beneficial for lightning storms because they cover the damage it can cause to your dwelling and belongings, while flood insurance is security for damage caused by rising waters. The comprehensive portion of your auto policy will cover the flood damage on your car.

I never want you to miss a step should an unfortunate event happen. My goal is to educate you on the coverage that you are receiving, while providing you with the best insurance services possible. I want to ensure that you are at ease when you think of you and your family's financial security.

To get a quote, email me at You can also call or text me at 713-791-3885.

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