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How is your business different from other agencies?

We are a non-captive insurance agency. This means that our company works with multiple carriers to find the best policy for you. Our goal is to meet your insurance needs, while guaranteeing affordable premiums on your policies. We do our due diligence in the quoting process so that we have accurate prices ready for you.

Why do I need to buy insurance?

Life is unpredictable. Insurance is a financial cushion for you, should any unexpected event or accident occur. Anywhere from a cracked windshield, to a flooded home, you can count on us to be by your side.

Do you offer free consultations to new customers?

Feel free to reach us at 713-791-3885, or email our agent, Matt Boudreaux at We will be happy to offer a free consultation to you.

I'd like to join your agency, what if I already have an active policy with another carrier?

If you aren't insured with one of our associated carriers, and would like to join our agency, insurance companies will offer you a refund for the remainder of your term with them once they receive a written cancellation request. Send us your signed cancellation request and we will take care of the rest for you.

Does my Auto Policy cover rental cars?

All auto policies and insurance companies are different. The choice to obtain rental coverage is in your hands. Get a quote today to find the coverage that works best for you.

Can I make changes to my insurance policy?

You can always make changes to your coverage on your insurance policies. Whether it is to make exclusions, or additions, simply call us and we will take the necessary steps toward making sure your needs are being met.

Are there payment plans available?

If you are worried about missing a payment, or not being able to pay your full premium at once, we offer monthly payment plans to assist with that. You can call our office to make payments by phone, mail it, physically bring it, or sign an automatic draft form that will enable us to withdraw payments directly from your bank account.

What are the benefits of obtaining Personal Injury Projection with my auto insurance?

The Texas Department of Insurance states that, Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage is similar to medical payments coverage. It pays your and your passengers’ medical bills. But it also pays for things like lost wages and other nonmedical costs. All auto policies in Texas include PIP coverage. If you don’t want it, you must tell the company in writing.

Is it a requirement to purchase homeowner's insurance in the state of Texas?

The Texas Department of Insurance doesn't require you to purchase homeowner's insurance for your home. If you haven't paid it off and have a lender, your lender will require you to obtain it.

Is purchasing auto insurance a requirement in the state of Texas?

The Texas Department of Insurance requires all drivers to have auto insurance because the state wants to ensure that drivers will be able to pay for damages from accidents. This is why Liability Insurance is available, because it enables drivers to still pay for the other driver's repairs and medical bills using their insurance policy.

If you still owe money for your car, your lender will require you to have full (collision and comprehensive) coverage on your car.

Do you still have questions about our products or services? Contact us for more information and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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